A gradient keycapset designed by Jae which takes inspiration from the original CHERRY MX doubleshot keycaps.

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Aka Haiiro

An upcoming keycapset design by Jae featuring Japanese Katakana characters with their Romaji translation and the Jaekeyed modifier legends.

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A 'paper' plane and simple keycapset by Jae.

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Who is Jae of Jaekeyed?

Jae is a designer, content creator, and vendor based in the Philippines. Jae loves mechanical keyboards just like you.


  • Designer

    Jae enjoys designing keycapsets.

    Rekindling his love for art, he started out with the High Renaissance and ultramarine inspired GMK Lazurite.

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  • Content Creator

    With the knowledge about 3D renders and his new-found love of photography, Jae continues to provide content and share his wonderful experiences in the mechanical keyboard hobby.

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  • Vendor

    Connecting the community of keyboard enthusiasts to the works of trusted designers, Jae has ventured to bring in products that talented designers have to offer.

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