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In-Stock | MV Terminal R2

In-Stock | MV Terminal R2

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 Designed by MVKB

Inspired by workstations of the past with their iconic orange or green displays and monospaced typefaces. Text-only legends, and some subtle details provided by the binary sublegends to give this set a nice retro look.
To keep things simple, there's just one kit, which covers a wide range of keyboard layouts from 60-100%, including support for Alice, macOS, terminal ISO, ANSI and Tsangan, 40's and more.


Manufacturer: KBM
Material: PBT
Profile: Cherry Profile
Manufacturing Method: Overall Dye Sublimation
Compatibility: Cherry MX and MX clones switches
Kits: All-in-One Base


US: Vala Supply
US: Tiny Keyboard Shop
US: Keebfront
CA: Ashkeebs
EU: Keygem
OC: Daily Clack
UK: Protozoa Studio
VN: MOKB Store
Latin America: Latamkeys
CN: zFrontier
SK: KLC Playground
JP: Basekeys
Mexico: Rheset


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