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In-Stock | ALOHAKB Trailblazer Keycap Set

In-Stock | ALOHAKB Trailblazer Keycap Set

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Designed by BA54

The design inspiration comes from the games "Starfield", "Space Engineers"and various film game works. The design idea is to use the white and gray commonly used in spacesuits as the keynote, and use bright colors to emphasize functionality.

The rounded cartoon style used for icons and characters balances the monotony of white and gray. In the novelties kit, BA54 uses common vehicle UI button style, and some brightly colored function keys.


Manufacturer: ALOHAKB
Material: PBT
Profile: Cherry Profile
Manufacturing Method: Dye Sublimation
Compatibility: Cherry MX and MX clones switches
Kits: All-in-One/White Alphas
Number of keys: 261 keys


US: Divinikey
EU: MaxGaming
UK: Mechboards
OCE: Thocc Supply
PH: Jaekeyed
VN: The Keebs

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