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Neson Design

GB | Neson Design 810E Mechanical Keyboard Kit

GB | Neson Design 810E Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Group Buy Period: November 15, 2023 to November 28, 2023

Group Buy Delivery Time: Q2 2024

Designed by Neson Design

The 810E is a continuation of the N-series, featuring a rugged design with sleek lines, maintaining the prominent industrial aesthetic.

Group Buy Disclaimer

 1. Images provided on the product page are renders and are for display purposes only. The renders are given to provide an idea to what the final product will look like. The physical product may have some differences. Please also refer to the prototype's photos as a reference before purchasing.

 2. Please note that this is a group buy. Estimates are our best guesses, they're not guaranteed. Delays and setbacks may occur. DO NOT PURCHASE if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.

3. Upon purchase, you acknowledge that the estimated shipping time is Q2 2024,  and delay may occur due to but limited to conditions like: shipping delay introduced by any unforeseeable production issue

 3. Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place the order. There are no refunds or cancellations after the group buy ends.

This is a keyboard kit and does not come with switches and keycaps.


  • Layout: (F-row-less 1800 with isolated spacebar)
  • Mounting Style: Gasket mount with Leaf Spring plate
  • Typing Angle: 9° (Front Height 17.9 mm, EKH 22.7 mm)
  • PCB: 1.6mm non-flex cut, separate RGB USB-C daughterboard (supports QMK, VIA, VIAL, supports soldered or hotswap [designed and manufactured by Astro])
  • Layout Options: WK / HHKB


  • Keyboard Kit(Aluminum top case, aluminum mid-frame, aluminum bottom case, Electroplated stainless steel mirror badge, diffuser plate, aluminum internal and external weight) × 1
  • Light-blocking Cover × 1
  • Aluminum plate × 1
  • 1.6mm Hotswap / Soldered PCB (choose one) and separate RGB USB-C daughterboard × 1
  • Spacebar support foam (PORON) × 1
  • Diffuser plates for the light strip (internal and external acrylic) × 1
  • 30 degree hardness C-shaped Gaskets × 8
  • 3.5mm PORON foam × 1
  • 1mm case foam × 1
  • 6-pin connecting cable × 1
  • Bumpons × 2
  • User manual × 1

Badge Options

  • Badge AThe diffuser is relatively luminous, and when observed from a seated position, it presents noticeable brightness in both side and top views.
  • Badge B The diffuser is relatively subdued because the illumination emanates from the sides. Consequently, when viewed from a top-down angle, the lighting might seem dim, but it imparts a more pronounced ambiance.

Internal Weight Options

  • Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Silver Anodized Aluminum

External Weight Upgrades

  • UPGRADE ( + 2,599PHP) | Black Electroplated Stainless Steel Brushed Weight
  • UPGRADE ( + 3,599PHP) | Black Electroplated Stainless Steel Mirror Weight
  • Default | Black Anodized Aluminum

Solder PCB Layout

Neson Design 810E Solder PCB Layout

Hotswap PCB Layout

Neson Design 810E Hotswap PCB Layout

Exploded View

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