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JRIS65 | In-Stock (E-White)

JRIS65 | In-Stock (E-White)

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JRIS65 is a budget-friendly and high-quality PCB gasket-mounted full CNC aluminum mechanical keyboard designed by IRISLab, a design studio based in China. 

To let everyone be able to experience the higher-end customization, IRISLab is working on the typing sound, typing feel, craft, and quality of the kit, which benchmarks mainstream customized keyboards.

This Group Buy was hosted by Mykeyclub.


  • Design concept is elegant, simple, durable, and comfortable
  • Full CNC aluminum case: aluminum top case and aluminum bottom case
  • Simple and atmospheric front side, and laser engraving of the word 'JRIS' on the back weight
  • The weight on the side is the same color as the bottom so that you can feel the nobility in daily use!
  • The separate daughterboard brings you a better typing experience
  • PCB gasket jackets or socks make your building more convenient and simple!


  • Typing angle: 6°
  • Front height: 21.29mm
  • PCB gaskets structure
  • PCB with USB-C daughterboard
  • Both PCB and plate adopt flex cut design
  • PCB gasket jackets or socks
  • Supports PCB stabilizers

What parts can you customize for JRIS65?

Case Color Options:

E-White / Yellow / Black / Milky White / Pink / E-White Top + Black Bottom Case / Maroon Top + Black Bottom Case / Navy Top + Black Bottom Case / Titanium Grey Top + Black Bottom Case / Yellow Top + Black Bottom Case

Weight Options:

Anodized Aluminum Weight: Black, Silver, and Gold

Stainless Steel (PVD Coated) Weight: Gold, Silver, Black, and Chroma

PCB Options:

Solder PCB (Black Core) / Hotswap PCB (Black Core) / 5.2 Bluetooth Hotswap PCB

Plate Options: PC / POM / FR4 / Aluminum / *Brass / *Black Core FR4

*can only be purchased as an Add-on

Plateless Build

When building plateless, use the 5mm extra plate foam and solder PCB. The 5mm extra plate foam will bring a softer typing feel, and the typing sound will be cleaner. Without the 5mm plate foam it will also work fine, the typing feel and sound are very different.

PCB Specifications

  • 1.2mm Black core Hotswap PCB support layout, supports QMK/VIA

  • 1.2mm Black core Solder PCB support layout, supports QMK/VIA

  • 1.2mm 5.2 Bluetooth Hotswap PCB (battery included) support layout, DOES NOT support VIA/QMK.

The Bluetooth PCB is in cooperation with Li Dana. LDN’s PCB is famous in China because their PCBs are stable, qualified and user-friendly. It has its own drive and software, which can edit the key mapping. Please check the software driver interface here.
  • 8 devices can pair with it at the same time, and it is easy to switch to the devices you want to connect to
  • The power switch is on the PCB, easy to turn the BT function on/off
  • The fastest response time is only 1.25ms
Note: It is highly recommend pair a PC / POM / FR4 plate for the BT PCB because the Aluminum or the add-on Brass plate will have a slight effect on the PCB's connectivity.


What's Included?

  • 1x Full CNC Aluminum (Top & Bottom) Case
  • 1x Weight (Anodized Alu/PVD Mirror)
  • 1x PCB (Solder/Hotswap/Bluetooth)
  • 1x Plate (PC/POM/FR4/Aluminum)
  • 1x Type-C Daughterboard with JST Cable
  • 1x IXPE Foam
  • 1x Poron Plate Foam
  • 2x Poron Case Foam
  • 1x Masking paper for PCB
  • 9x gasket jackets (use socks above the USB- type C port)
  • 20x gasket socks
  • 1 Set of PCB stabilizers O-ring
  • 1 Set of Footpad
  • 1x Battery (Only for the Bluetooth version)
  • Gift (will not send make-up or replacements)
  • 1x USB-Type C keyboard cable
  • 1x Carrying Case

Quality Disclaimer

  • Each kit comes with fragile labels. Please check the appearance thoroughly before building. If you see any noticeable flaws/scratches on the external surfaces, please take a photo and contact Mykeyclub immediately. We will not be responsible for any flaws/scratches found after building.
  • Due to the nature of the PVD coat, there may be some minor, unavoidable dust points/micro scratches on the mirror finish of the PVD weight. The small dust points/micro scratches are only visible at just the right angle of the lighting.
  • The Chroma PVD Mirror Stainless steel weight has random nature. Each weight may have some slight differences.
  • CNC marks and imperfections inside the keyboard case or dents on the subject are not visible when the keyboard is fully built. These are normal and within our quality acceptance.
  • On all other surfaces and edges, blemishes under 1mm are approved.
  • Other than the case itself, all parts with cosmetic imperfections will not be replaced unless the function is damaged/defective for usage.
  • Warranty will only be applicable for the first owner who purchased on our website or at our collaborative shops, with proof of purchase such as order number and confirmation - contact Mykeyclub for the IRISLab warranty information
  • The IRISLab warranty covers the PCB for one year of use or if dead on arrival without any modification.
  • Broken parts due to any human error will void your warranty, including but not limited to: mill-maxing PCB, tape-modding PCB, hotswap sockets that are pushed out of the PCB solder pads, not following the steps to flash PCB and caused no function/defective PCB
  • In the case of missing or incorrect gifts, we will not ship out replacements or issue a partial refund.
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