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JRIS65 Add-on | In-Stock

JRIS65 Add-on | In-Stock

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*Please include any Add-on in one (1) order during checkout.

PCB Options:

Solder PCB (Black Core) / Hotswap PCB (Black Core) / 5.2 Bluetooth Hotswap PCB

Plate Options: PC / POM / FR4 / Aluminum / *Brass / *Black Core FR4

*can only be purchased as an Add-on

Plateless Build

When building plateless, use the 5mm extra plate foam and solder PCB. The 5mm extra plate foam will bring a softer typing feel, and the typing sound will be cleaner. Without the 5mm plate foam it will also work fine, the typing feel and sound are very different.

PCB Specifications

  • 1.2mm Black core Hotswap PCB support layout, supports QMK/VIA

  • 1.2mm Black core Solder PCB support layout, supports QMK/VIA

  • 1.2mm 5.2 Bluetooth Hotswap PCB (battery included) support layout, DOES NOT support VIA/QMK.

The Bluetooth PCB is in cooperation with Li Dana. LDN’s PCB is famous in China because their PCBs are stable, qualified and user-friendly. It has its own drive and software, which can edit the key mapping. Please check the software driver interface here.
  • 8 devices can pair with it at the same time, and it is easy to switch to the devices you want to connect to
  • The power switch is on the PCB, easy to turn the BT function on/off
  • The fastest response time is only 1.25ms
Note: It is highly recommend pair a PC / POM / FR4 plate for the BT PCB because the Aluminum or the add-on Brass plate will have a slight effect on the PCB's connectivity.
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